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Chelsea Pensioner
« on: June 03, 2009, 10:39:19 PM »
Hi ,can anyone explain how someone age 53 in 1851 ,living in Ashton could be a Chelsea Pensioner ? He was born in Ireland and I don't know when he came to England .Would he have served in a war to be classed as a Chelsea Pensioner ?

Thanks  davesmum


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Re: Chelsea Pensioner
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Hi davesmum

Taken from our mate wiki ;D

Chelsea pensioner
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 A Chelsea pensioner is an in-pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement home and nursing home for former members of the British Army located in Chelsea, London. Historically, however, the phrase applied more widely, referring to both in-pensioners and out-pensioners.

 In- and out-pensioners
During the reign of King James II, the Royal Hospital was still under construction, so he introduced a system for distribution of army pensions in 1689. The pension was to be made available to all former soldiers who had been injured in service, or who had served for more than 20 years.

By the time the Hospital was completed, there were more pensioners than places available in the Hospital. Eligible ex-soldiers who could not be housed in the Hospital were termed out-pensioners, receiving their pension from the Royal Hospital but living outside it. In-pensioners, by contrast, surrender their army pension and live within the Royal Hospital.

In 1703, there were only 51 out-pensioners. By 1815 this figure had risen to 36,757.

The Royal Hospital remained responsible for distributing army pensions until 1955, following which the phrase "out-pensioner" became less common, and "Chelsea pensioner" was used largely to refer to "in-pensioners".

Hope this helps


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Re: Chelsea Pensioner
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Hi davesmum !!

Would he have served in a war to be classed as a Chelsea Pensioner ?

So not so much served in a war, but in The Army.  His Service/Pension Record should be lodged at The National Archives in Kew and would explain to you if he joined up in Ireland, or came over to England before joining & if you are lucky give loads of other family history type information.

Wendi  :)
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Re: Chelsea Pensioner
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Thanks timberman and Wendi ,I've always puzzled over that one .He's the only one that I've found giving Chelsea Pensioner as his occupation .

davesmum :)