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Ski Battalion 1940
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Some of you may recall that I posted this article from the Halifax Herald 1940 on the old forum regarding the first ski battalion in the British Army. Here’s what we know now:

In January 1940 at least six of the men from Nova Scotia serving with the 2nd Manchesters volunteered for this new unit after the call for experienced skiers had been circulated to all regiment commands & HQ’s.

This unit was to become the 5th (Ski) Battalion Scots Guards. Nicknamed ‘The Snowballers’ its intent was to assist the Finns in their fight against the Russians. I have attached a few links which detail the unit’s brief history – January to March 1940. Following Finland’s armistice with Russia in March 1940, the unit was disbanded.

Attached file:

5th (Ski) Battalion Scots Guards – Halifax Herald 1940.jpg
Article caption:

Canadian volunteers have had training during the last winter such as would fit them for service in Norway’s mountain areas, especially in winter. Here is a group of the first ski battalion in the history of the British Army. It was taken in the French Alps on the slope of Mount Blanc and included in it are Don Morrison of South Park Street, Halifax, Jack Foster, Halifax and probably other Nova Scotians. The training which also took place in Scotland was to fit the men to fight in the expeditionary force which was to have gone to Finland.

At the time of Dunkirk, five of the six soldiers had returned to the 2nd Manchesters serving in France & later returning to England. I'm sure others were involved.


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Re: Ski Battalion 1940
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excellent Dave

thanks for posting the article and please keep us up to date


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