Author Topic: Hello - Manchesters "borrowed" my grandfather!  (Read 8031 times)


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Re: Hello - Manchesters "borrowed" my grandfather!
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Just thought I would mention.

Listening for hours to my relatives reminisce about their experiences in the forces and never getting tired of their stories. So this post has brought that all back and just how much they and their stories are missed.


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Re: Hello - Manchesters "borrowed" my grandfather!
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Hello again Cliff,
Having identified Barry I have for the past few days been racking my memory as to who Lawrence might have been and have just spent the last half hour or so going over the WO's & Jo's Mess photograph taken the day of the Presentation of the New Colours at Harrington Barracks Formby, June/July 1954 following our return from Malaya. The only name which keeps coming back to me as a possibility is that of WHARMBY, George, Sgt/Band or Corps of Drums. From memory we did not have many Scouse members at that time, the majority of the ones we did have were to the best of my knowledge unmarried and too young to have had a fourteen year old son.
 Harry Jones is on there Serena but I would imagine that your grandmother already has that photograph. Haven't found the other Berlin ones I was hunting for as yet but will keep looking.

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Re: Hello - Manchesters "borrowed" my grandfather!
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Thanks George
I know the name Wharmby but cannot say if it is Lawrence's father, memory must be going.  The only other thing I can remember about Lawrence was that he was a good Catholic boy.
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