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Re: My Grandfather
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If you will send me a pm with your telephone number I will put you in touch with a member of your family who will be able to answer all  your questions.


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Re: My Grandfather
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Thanks to all for so much information. It was incredible to find someone who actually served with him and the Pathe News item was incredible. Richard must have travelled home on the Dorsetshire - so somewhere in the crowd ......! I'm pretty sure he was one of those with family with him - one of my uncles was born abroad and I remember a story my dad used to tell of a bunch of bananas with a snake inside, which was killed by a servant. Robert's comments on him being active in the London Branch are very interesting. Though they were a Manchester family, Richard and Annie, his wife, and their two youngest sons moved to London in the early 1950's - my brother and I called them Gran and Grandad from London. I'll now send for his service record and then I can update you all.

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Re: My Grandfather
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hi cliff , no problem i dont what to put the years on you pal, just never read it right , were are them glasses, ;D