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Charles Broadhurst
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I am researching my family history and am currently searching for my great grandfathers military history. Mr. Charles Broadhurst. Born 12.12.1876. I think he joined the Manchester Regiment in 1914 but I'm not certain. He attained the rank of WO Class 2 (Music) and served in the 2nd Boer War (1899-1902), the Boxer Rebellion in 1908 and the First World war. According to some other (Non-verified) information, he served in China from 13 July 1900 to Sept 7 1901.Word of mouth has it that he attained the position of RSM but I cannot find any confirmation on this. Another query is that he was apparently stationed for a time at Ladysmith Barracks in Ashton-under-Lyne. On the 1901 census he seems to be living with Captain John Crawford in Stalybridge. Could anybody out there possibly give me any further details?

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Re: Charles Broadhurst
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Please see the following thread in 1914-18 section for further info

Thank you.
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Re: Charles Broadhurst
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Check this out for details on Captain Crawford.


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Re: Charles Broadhurst
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The Boxer Rebellion was in 1900 (not 1908) and ran concurrently with the Boer War. This would explain his apparent service in China 1900-1901. However, this couldn't have been with the Manchester Regiment.

The only British infantry regiment involved in the Boxer Rebellion was the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. There were also a couple of artillery units and other support services. Most of the personnel were Indian Army regiments and shore parties of sailors and Royal Marines from a sizeable naval presence on the China station.



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Re: Charles Broadhurst
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the family may have got the china thing a little confused down the years.
didnt the 4th battalion,do garrison duty in hong kong or singapore after the boer war
charles daughter,mollie was born in november 1908,and his next child jessie,wasnt born till 3yrs later
he was previously in the 4th manchesters
all ties in with him being on garrison duty,1908-1911

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Re: Charles Broadhurst
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the 1st battalion went to singapore in 1903
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