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Re: New User, Inf needed please, Malaya 1952
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Thanks harribob. Its sad that we still today are doing the same thing, sending young lads off to fight terrorists. Will things ever change. Thanks for that. How many were killed in Malaya altogether? do you have the figures. I was thinking I could ask Steve! if I could have the other Manchester lads grave photos.

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Re: New User, Inf needed please, Malaya 1952
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Fourteen Manchester Regiment soldiers were killed in the Malayan Emergency of the 1950s: one Officer two Corporals and eleven Privates.  Others were wounded but survived.

It was a campaign that inspired great comradeship, which exists to this day.  The Manchester Regiment Malayan Veterans Association meets regularly at the Ardwick HQ and their annual get-together and dinner dance is held each year in the Ashton Town Hall. If there are any relatives out there who would like to know more about the Association then a note to the Chairman of the M V Association c/o Regimental Headquarters, TA Centre, Ardwick Green, Manchester M12 6HD should do the trick.


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Re: New User, Inf needed please, Malaya 1952
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Hi there,
Have moved from Manchester Bob, now down in Hampshire. Eventually have managed to get back on to this site and hope to keep in touch with old friends this way. Sorry to hear about Rex, but understand that you represented us all at his funeral.
Highly unlikely that I will ever get back up north, age is beginning to tell. Have been noting these comments in respect of McGibbon and Buckley and the rest of the lads we left out there - good Lord it is all of 57 years since we first moved out there, how time flies when you are having fun!!
Take care, regards to all who remember me.
Ke-selamatan dudok.
George S.

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