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Alton Towers Machine Gun OCTU 1940 - 1945
« on: December 12, 2008, 06:04:18 PM »
Dear Manchesters -

I'm looking into a slightly obscure aspect of The Manchester Regiment's history for a television documentary.  During 1940 - 1945, Alton Towers, now home to the famous theme park, was an officer cadet training unit for machine gun regiment officers.  In that period many hundreds of officer cadets sweated their way through a 26 week MG course before entering the regiment, usually, it appears, in February or September.  Were you one of them?  Or do you know someone who was?  I'd be most interested to hear from anyone who knows anything of this establishment and the men who passed through it.


Stephen Hopkins
Peter Williams Television

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Re: Alton Towers Machine Gun OCTU 1940 - 1945
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Hi Stephen

and welcome to the group

how intriguing! i hope we can find someone for you



ps actually i wonder if the present management have thought of re-introducing it, i'd pay for that!
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