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Researching Lt Colonel Edward Garside
« on: December 06, 2008, 06:38:20 PM »
Lt Col Ed Garside was my Great Grandfather - I have his obituary (summary typed out below) and a photo from the paper.  Does anyone have any other records of him, photo's or service history of his command? Anyone know anything about the location/use of the "Brushes" shooting range?  The "Mersey Defences"? The "Armoury"?  The Bury camp?

Obituary:  Col. Edward Garside (29 Apr 1859 - 06 Mar 1939) - (extract of Manchester Regiment elements)

Commanding Officer of the 3/9th Battalion the Manchester Regiment during the Great War, Lieut-Col. Edward Garside, B.Sc, M.I.C.E., T.D., died on Monday at his home "Mayfield," Taunton Road Ashton at the age of 78.
Colonel Garside was a member of the old 3rd Battalion the Manchester Regiment, and his connection with the 9th Battalion. the Manchester Regiment lasted until 1919 when he retired.  For 24 years he was the surveyor to East Lancashire Territorial Association.  He joined the 3rd Volunteer Battalion in 1901, on the outbreak of the Boer War, was promoted to Major in 1912 and Lieut.-Colonel in 1916.

He had the honour of being in command of the Ashton detachment which attended the coronation of King George V. and Queen Mary.  In 1901 he designed and remodelled the Brushes shooting range at Stalybridge , which achieved the reputation of being the best in Lancashire.

During the Great War, on the departure of the East Lancashire Division for Egypt, Colonel Garside was appointed camp commandant at Bury, and he took over command of the East Lancashire Brigade (Details).  He was also appointed chief railway transport officer in cocnnection with the departure for Egypt, and camp commandant absorbing the Fusilier Brigade.  In November 1914 he was appointed to the staff of the East Lancashire Brigade , as brigade major, and in January 1915, took over the command of the depot at the Armoury.  From 1917 to the end of the war he was in charge of the administration of the Mersey defences.
Representing the 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment (at the funeral) were: Lieut Colonel W M Barratt, Major J Hall, Major T E Howarth.

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Re: Researching Lt Colonel Edward Garside
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i have just had a look in the regiment history and there's no mention but they do tend to stick with the regular battalions, Linda (the colonel) may well be able to help, she's our expert on the 9th battalion


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Re: Researching Lt Colonel Edward Garside
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2008, 12:21:17 PM »
The "Brushes" shooting range is a reference to the range sited on the "Brushes" just outside Stalybridge, Tameside.  If you have access to Google Earth, the approximate coordinates are 53. 29' 00.30N  2. 01' 32.38W.  Otherwise, look for "Brushes Road", Stalybridge.  If I can help further just let me know.