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kendall- top williams
« on: November 26, 2008, 09:54:29 AM »
i would like to say its good to have a site like this,two of my relatives were in the manchester's,different wars those,in the first war,my grandfather was called kendall,john i believe,manchesters ,mgc,supposedly recieved the mentioned in despatches.,  the second relative also my grandfather,thomas otto price williams,he was ta but was regular,was in india for many years,again i believe 6,and was one of wingates chindits,ended up sa rsm,so i am led to believe,if any body has any info on them,many years ago in the oca bar at ashton i met a few old boys who knew my gandfather top williams ,they dont seem to be alive any more.

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Re: kendall- top williams
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hi Urdygurdy

and welcome to the group and thanks for the nice comments

if you want to start a thread John Kendall in the great war section, we would be pleased to look him for you


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