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Sharon - I can add that 4708 Pte. J. Cummings was awarded the QSA medal with clasps Elandslaagte, Defence of Ladysmith and Belfast and the KSA medal with the standard clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902.

His DCM was submitted to to the king 18/4/1901, appeared in the London Gazette 19/4/1901 and was awarded under Army Orders 163/01. He was slightly wounded at Badfontein 2/9/1900. As is usual for the period there is no citation, these not becoming standard until WW1.

However, the Manchester Regiment archives at Ashton-under-Lyne may contain a reference to or account of the circumstances of his award in a diary, letter, etc. It's a fairly long shot but it's worth a try.


Cummings family

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Re: John Cummings
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Chris. Andy & David

Thank you so very much for the information, I visited my mum today and told her all the news you have found out for us. She said to thank you very much.

Thank you Andy for the e-mail with all the info on, it must have taken you ages. I printed out the letters for my mum which were handwritten by her grandfather to the Army and she was delighted. It also told her things she didnt know ie that he had a bullet wound in his foot. She said he was a lovely man who was very well liked and we all know now was a very brave man. He died unfortunately in impoverished circumstances, which was common I suppose but still very sad.

It brought back lots of happy memories for her so thank you all very much for your help

Sharon :)

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Re: John Cummings
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A pleasure Sharon, Glad we could help  :)
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