Author Topic: Manchesters : Germany / Hartz Mountains ? 1946 -ish  (Read 3566 times)

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Manchesters : Germany / Hartz Mountains ? 1946 -ish
« on: November 07, 2008, 10:36:02 PM »
Hi Everyone
Just checking some stories that my Dad (sadly now passed away in New Zealand, and very sorely missed by his family) had passed on to me re his Army days.  (Definately after WWII ended.., but pre the 50's... so taking it as 1946-48 sometime).
He did his training with the LF's, and was in the Manchesters just after the war ...posted to the Hartz mountains, as a Bren Gun Carrier Driver and also a Butcher as his trade. Name: Eric Jones, town he was from was Stockport.
(After he came out he went on to the LMS railways and then emigrated to New Zealand in the early 50's).

Anywhere I can check for details   ( His service record ?. Barracks ?  Stories of his battalion at the time ?)

Great website the way. Saw the pictures on the 1946 period ... and also read with great interest the explanation re the Cap Badge change from Corp Logo to Fleur De lis . ( He didn't know the real reason either and would have been pleased to find the answer).

Ken Jones


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Re: Manchesters : Germany / Hartz Mountains ? 1946 -ish
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Ken how nice of you to join and share your fathers story with us !


Can I presume you are in NZ ?

You can obtain your fathers Service Record from The UK Ministry of Defence via however you will need his certificate of death and the fee, which is currently £30.

Hope to see more of you around the boards!!

Wendi  :)
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Ken Jones

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Re: Manchesters : Germany / Hartz Mountains ? 1946 -ish
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2008, 11:28:41 AM »

Thanks for that Wendi.
Greatly appreciated.
(I'm based here in the UK).
Will get cracking on that advice.
...and thankyou for the warm welcome too!

Ken J

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Re: Manchesters : Germany / Hartz Mountains ? 1946 -ish
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The 1st Battalion finished WWII at Hamburg. Then to Schleswig-Holstein where they helped to disarm the German army. Then to Essen and by November 1945 to Seesen in the Hartz mountains. In the summer of 1946 to Goslar, also in the Hartz mountains. Part of their duties here included the patrolling of seventy kilometres of frontier between the British and the Russian zones.  Wives and families were brought out from England in the summer of 1946.  A wonderful posting with lots of skiing in the winter.  In December 1947 the battalion returned to England in preparation for the amalgamation with the 2nd Battalion, recently returned from India.