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Posting a new question
« on: October 17, 2007, 10:34:11 AM »
When you have signed up, try and include something about your interests in your profile, why not post in the hello section. we can then guide you to the correct section to put your query

If you are posting about a soldier try and include his name, (number and battalion if known) in the title:

ie Fred Latham, 15952, 11th battalion

This will attract the battalion specialists to your post  ;)

Don't worry about not knowing military terms or abbreviations, we will explain all that.

To post a new question, here or in the section you want it to be in, click new topic on the top right and post away. if you get it wrong, we'll move it over to the right place and sort it out.

Should you wish to search for information on a specific battalion, action or date, there is a very good search tool on the forum which you can access here :-  Seach Tool you can use this to look for other posts which may well help you

This is a friendly forum, we're here to help and we don't expect you to understand how it works ;)
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