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The New Zealand Government Gazette reported in June 1844 the desertion of two members of the 96th Regt from Auckland. Both were Irish and had been previously employed as labourers. They were identified as Daniel Fisher aged about 23 years, of a slight build, sallow complexion, with large eyes, sooty black hair, a long visage and a rather forbidding countenance, while Denis Sullivan aged about 24 years was of stout build, fair complexion, with blue eyes, light brown hair, open countenance and had a scar near the left eye.

At the time of desertion both men were wearing red shell jackets, black cloth trousers, leather stocks (around neck for protection) forage caps (woollen pork pie hats) and regimental boots.

A reward of two pounds was offered for any person who apprehended either of the two soldiers.

If YOU have any info on Daniel or Denis, ask Harribobs or Mack for your two Pound reward :-*

This is themonsstar reporting from New Zealand

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i think they should be looking out for another shortly 8)
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