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Samuel Greenall 13336
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Samuel Greenall 13336 Manchester Regiment. Enlisted at Wigan on 26/10/1914, discharged as medically unfit on 12/11/1914, not likely to become an efficient soldier etc. Re-enlisted on 8/10/1915 as 1745 (later 28338) Royal Field Artillery, transferred to KLR on 14/07/1915, tried for desertion by DCM on 08/10/1915. Later served overseas as 43046 Welsh Regiment, on 16/07/1916 he was wounded in action at Delville Wood by a bullet to the head, and on 16/05/1917 was discharged with a compound fracture of the skull. Married to Elizabeth Ann Blackett on 25/09/1909, he was a collier and lived at 17 Horsfield Street, Wigan. Died on 24/02/1918, cause of death was fracture of the fontal bone, epilepticus and coma. Buried at Pemberton (St. John) Churchyard.