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Assistance with Research - Pte. Robert Smith - Service No. 1639
« on: February 12, 2024, 02:22:57 PM »
Good Afternoon all

I am trying to carry out as much research as possible on a soldier who's medals I am currently the custodian of. I enclose an image below of a display I have made to honour his service.

I started with next to nothing beyond his service number from his MIC. Through the help of the GWF (who have since pointed me in the direction of this excellent forum) I have been able to establish the following:

- Robert enlisted in 1909 and landed in France in July 1915. His Service Number was 1639.
- According to the 1914/15 Star Medal Roll he was a member of the 2nd Battalion Manchester Regt.
- He was wounded in 1916 badly (GSW to face according to pension records). I am told he is listed in the Times 15 May 1916 Casualty list but I do not have access to this online record.
- He later transferred into the Labour Corps - according to the Service No. records this would be between June-September 1917.
- His Service No. in the Labour Corps was 330219.
- He was then discharged in April 1918 as unfit for service (based on what I've found already seems to be the long term effect of the GSW to face in 1916).
- His Silver War Badge number is 344118 (unfortunately I am not the custodian of this).

Is there anything else at all the forum would be able to assist me with discovering about this chap? Whether that relates to him being in the 2nd Battalion/in the regiment generally or even his wartime service as a whole? I dream of being able to locate a photo of Robert but consider this a bit of a pipedream.

Thanks in advance for any help