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Darwen POWs
« on: May 14, 2023, 07:47:25 AM »
The Darwen News January 4, 1919 reported on a welcome home ceremony which took place the previous day. The report listed the POWs and the following were the men from the Manchester Regiment:
Privates T King, J Fenton, F Sharples, F Walsh, H Marsden, R Fish,
Corporals J Aspinnal, H Barker

I have newspaper reports that appeared when most of these men were reported missing/captured

Regards, Tony

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Re: Darwen POWs
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Hi Tony,
All of the Darwen men seem to be picked up in the PoW database
If the articles you have provide any further relavant date, please could you post it.
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Re: Darwen POWs
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The following are the newspaper reports of the Darwen POWs

ASPINALL James William

Darwen News, Saturday, April, 27, 1918

Corporal J Aspinall

A postcard has been received from Corporal James Aspinall (Manchester Regiment), 41 Dove Lane, stating he is a prisoner of war in Germany. Nineteen years of age, he enlisted in September 1914, when he had just turned 16, and he been to the front since July 1915, Formerly a weaver at Woodfold Mill, he was connected with Duckworth Street Congregational Church and School. He was at one time a member of the Duckworth Street Boy Scouts.

FISH, Robert

Darwen News, Saturday, Jun 1, 1918

Private Robert Fish

An official intimation has been received by Mr and Mrs Fish, of 136 Duckworth Street, that their only son, Private Robert Fish (20) Manchester Regiment is reported missing since the 27th April whilst serving in France.  Private Fish enlisted in May 1915, and went to France about twelve months ago.  He was employed as a presser at Woodside Mill, and attended Redearth Road Primitive Methodist Church.  His father, who as now been temporarily discharged, as served with the forces for nearly two years.


Darwen News, Saturday, Jul 6, 1918

Private H Marsden

It has been reported that Private H Marsden, of the Manchesters, whose home is at 147 Olive Lane, is a prisoner of war in Germany. He was reported missing on the 30th of April and had only been back in France a month when he was taken a prisoner. He is twenty years of age and had been in the Army three years and eight months. His father is in France and his brother is in this country training. He has five uncles fighting and two have been killed and one is missing.


Darwen News, Saturday, Apr 27,1918

Private F Sharples

It is reported that Private F Sharples, of the Manchester Regiments, whose home is at 5 Park Road, has been posted as missing since the 24th ult. He is 39 years of age. Three of his brothers and a brother-in-law are serving in the Army.