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cpl 8287 eric eaton
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Cpl 8287 eric eaton,mossley rd,ashton.3rd active service company

in a letter to his family,cpl eaton describes some of the actions in which he was involved in during November,on 6th November 1901 at tygers Kloof,three men were shot and killed,and one man wounded,and 10 men from 3rd ASC were taken prisoner and two men from 2nd manchesters,one of them wounded.

3362 g.taylor.2nd manchesters
1485 Richard Ishmael.2nd manchesters
8317 r.batey.3rd ASC

L/Cpl 5348 j McCarthy.2nd manchesters

taken prisoner
sgt 5628 j.o'donnell.2nd manchesters
L/Cpl 3542 j.dudley.2nd manchesters,severly wounded

3rd ASC
L/Cpl 8343 e.hepworth
1434 h.duncalf
2704 j.dawson
4556 j.h durham
5642 w.taylor
6296 a.townsend
2876 a.turner
8343 c.collins
8335 g.h McCormack
all attatched to 2nd manchesters,all later released

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Re: cpl 8287 eric eaton
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12th november 1901

captain noble galloped through our lines to the next ridge,half an hour later,we heard heavy firing,shortly after a volunteer called fern galloped back with Lt holberton in his arms,he had been shot in the chest,but his bandolier had saved him,then two more men came galloping in like mad,one was a regular who was wounded in the shoulder and the other was a volunteer called Rushton who was wounded in the elbow,they said that captain noble had been mortally wounded,the ambulance and the doctor went out and brought in him and jack connery who was severly wounded,captain noble died on reaching the hospital

the regular soldier
pte 3091 a.a murray.2nd manchesters

the volunteer
8333 g.w Rushton

jack connery
pte 4102 john connery.2nd manchesters

Lt Philip,vaughan holberton killed in action in WW1
the man who brought in Lt holberton was pte 8263 William fern.38 craig st,harpurhey,he was 21yrs old
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Re: cpl 8287 eric eaton
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A couple of photos of Lt Holberton and Capt Noble