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Pte 20072 Joseph Stafford 10th Bn
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Pte 20072 Joseph Stafford 10th Bn
Joseph Stafford was a bricklayer serving in the National Reserve and former member of the RAMC when he attested in 10th Bn on 17/07/1915.  He was posted to a Supernumerary Coy and transferred to 23rd (North Western) Bn Rifle Brigade ‘613’ and ‘205844’ on 23/02/1916.  Joseph served in India with 23rd Bn Rifle Brigade from 8 February 1916. Posted Home to Depot on 08/03/1917, Joseph was discharged unfit as an invalid with TB on 09/04/1917.  He received a SWB and pension for TB.  The original Medical Board determined Bronchitis that was nor a consequence of service and this was revised when a positive Sputum Test found TB on 13/01/1917.  There was no observation on whether TB was comm / agg / due to service but the disability pension award was made indicating the TB was a consequence of service..
Joseph Stafford died on 15/06/1917, aged 41.  The unmarried husband of Emily Hilton of 7 Princess Street, Oldham. Later 35 Boardman Street. Burial at Chadderton M1.92 on 20/06/1917.
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