Author Topic: Pte 3629 John Higgins (alias Higginson) - 12th Bn  (Read 611 times)

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Pte 3629 John Higgins (alias Higginson) - 12th Bn
« on: December 04, 2021, 07:56:22 AM »
Pte 3629 John Higgins (alias Higginson)
John Higgins was a veteran of the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, with which he had received the India Medal with clasps for Punjab Frontier 1897-8 and Tlrah 1897-8. John had been a labourer when he re-enlisted in 3rd Bn on 04/09/1914. Following various Court Martials for absence and home posting to 4th Bn, John was posted to 12th Bn in France on 16/12/1915.  After a further offence at 17IBDm John arrived 12th Bn in the field on 19/01/1916. He was wounded with GSW to his neck and hand on 15/02/1916.  Treated in 10 CCS , 52 FA and 23 Gen Hosp, John was evacuated on board ‘Abderdonian’ and posted home to Depot on 13/05/1916.
John was discharged unfit with a SWB for wounds on 11/12/1916.  He died from Lobar Pneumonia and Cardiac Failure ‘aggravated by Active Service’ on 01/07/1918.
The husband of Margaret Higgins of 15 Rope Street, Rochdale. One child with a different Guardian. Medals were returned.
As pneumonia is a short term condition and no heart issues were addressed on discharge I can’t see how the commemoration would be accepted unless the DC mentions wounds. HOLD.
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Re: Pte 3629 John Higgins (alias Higginson) - 12th Bn
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John Higginson, age 37 of 14 Middle Lane, buried at Rochdale Cemetery on 05/07/1918: