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the pepper pot
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pte 1549 fred lomas 22 meadow lane,disley

fred enlisted in the manchester regiment on 25th november 1911 age 19,after working as a gamekeeper in disley,he was posted to the 2nd battalion in france on 4-1-15

2nd manchesters
13-2-15 admitted to 14th FA with trench foot
1-2-16 wounded in the wrist

posted to 17th manchesters
30-7-16,suffered a bullet wound to left wrist at guillemont
11-10-16 suffered from shell shock at flers
17-1-17,admitted to hospital sick

posted to 16th manchesters
21-3-18,suffered a shrapnel wound in the left thigh at st.quentin
3/9th may 1918 suffered a shrapnel wound to right thigh

9-10-18 joined 1/7th royal warwickshire regiment,and survived the war