Author Topic: 6th or 4th Bn Manchesters SNCOs  (Read 2586 times)

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6th or 4th Bn Manchesters SNCOs
« on: August 10, 2021, 05:06:56 AM »
G'day All,

After a bit of research and lining up some dates of service and awards (principally then-RQMS JT Ball's LS&GC award), I have been able to confirm that this image is likely of the 6th Bn Manchesters SNCOs and taken between October 1910 and 30 June 1913. It has been listed elsewhere as various other Manchesters Battalions. It could also be the 4th Bn based on which was the Reserve and the Territorials but would love to confirm it.

My guess is that is would be closer to 1913 since if the British Army is anything like the Defence Force these days, then medals awarded don't turn up on their day of eligibility, having had to be confirmed, issued, engraved and then awarded.

That means it's quite likely that many of these NCOs would go onto serve in the Great War, and some are likely to be found amongst the Pals Battalion NCO photos, and could probably be spotted with an eagle eye for those with the KSA and QSA ribbons (amongst others).

What I would really love to do though is to see if some of the others in the photo could be identified. Would there likely be a nominal roll available of NCOs in the 6th or 4th at this time? Maybe if the CO could be identified it would help confirm the rest.

I have a better res version of the picture for anyone who is willing to help!


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