Author Topic: Frank Buckley 6/7 Battalion  (Read 3082 times)

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Frank Buckley 6/7 Battalion
« on: November 10, 2020, 03:28:44 PM »
I'm looking for info on my granddad Frank Buckley (dob 8/11/1906) I have no service number but a photo suggests he served with 6/7 battalion in 1928, there are also indications he served in middle east in WW2. A very crumpled newspaper cutting amongst the few pics I have is from the daily dispatch in dec 1940s from the western desert, i'm also assuming it was kept because he is in the news item with a visit from General Sir Claude Auchinlech. Any help would be appreciated. A service number would be a good start. Martin

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Re: Frank Buckley 6/7 Battalion
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2020, 10:23:56 PM »
Hello Martin and welcome to the forum.

As your Grandfather served in ww2 his service record should be available from the MoD, follow the link

You have enough information about him for the MoD to search for his record, a service number isn‘t required. I don‘t know whether or not his record will include any information on his service with the 6/7th Bn. I‘d be interested to know.


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Re: Frank Buckley 6/7 Battalion
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2020, 09:48:21 AM »
His service record from his time with the Manchester's should be with his records from World War Two, but make sure you ask for them together, as some times when a soldier moved from an Infantry Unit to a Corps they can end up with a split record.

Also the unit records offices were in different parts of the country and they were dealing with tens of thousands of men, so by the end of the war the War Office was dealing with millions of britons who had joined the British Armed Forces.