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Horace Littler
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My Grandfather: Horace Littler He was born in Wincham Marston Cheshire in 1875 he married Emily Annie Webster from Leicester who died in 1918. He worked as a blacksmith until moving to Moston. They lived in Moston Manchester and then he married Annie Smith in 1919. They lived in Moston Manchester and then Wolverton and then he returned as a widower around 1952 ish to Ashton-under-Lyne Manchester where he died in 1961. He had 3 sons: in Moston: Harold born 1904 & died 1904, Arthur Leslie born 1907 died 1967 & Horace born 1907 died 1971. He worked on the railways after the war as various things: a plater, rivetter and others.
There is a pencil-written reference in his diaries to a battle on Caesar's Hill January 1901 with the Manchester Regiment. His feet were always a problem from the wet in the trenches we were told. He is not mentioned in the 1901 census. I cannot find any facts about his military history.
Can anyone please help

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Re: Horace Littler
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Hello Rusty and welcome to the forum.
Is it possible that your Grandfather had a second name that he used rather than Horace? There is only one H or Horace Littler in the medal rolls for the Boer War but he died in 1900 so obviously not your Grandfather. There are two Horace Littlers in the ww1 medal rolls, one served in the Cheshire Regiment and the other in the Army Service Corps.



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Re: Horace Littler
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No sorry -none that I know of -his son was alson Horace LittleR but was known as "Bill" but granddad was always Horace. I have had similar information before and I can find nothing else either, no medals no records -nothing. (Incidentally it's the same for his son as well but I do have a photo of him in uniform) Very weird isn't it? That's why I thought I would try on here again. Thanks
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