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colonel Thomas Mcdermott
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Hi I am trying to find out more about a Colonel Thomas McDermott ( sometimes spelt Macdermott ) . He served in the Irish Brigade in France and later the Catholic Irish Brigade of the British Army with the rank of Lieu Col  , he appears in the Royal Calender of 1801 where he is marked as Colonel and he is on the half pay list of 1805 again as Colonel, I found him as POW in france in 1806 and he died there in 1809 ,

His prison record states he was a colonel of the 96th and I am wondering if anyone had come across him before ?

I would like to know more about his war service and how he was captured and also where he is buried ?

Any ideas or suggestions welcome.


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Re: colonel Thomas Mcdermott
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I cannot find any reference to Thomas McDermott in the regimental history (History of the Manchester Regiment (late the 63rd and 96thFoot) by Col H.C. Wylly (1925) which is unusual if indeed he was colonel of the 96th.
With the reduction in the size of the Army following the end of the Napoleonic War the 96th Foot was renumbered the 95th Foot in early 1816 when the 95th Foot became the Rifle Brigade . The 97th (Queen's Own Germans) Regiment of Foot, which was brought into the Army in 1804 and fought in the Peninsula, was renumbered as the 96th at the same time - your Thomas McDermott therefore may actually have been in the 97th.
All highly confusing I know.
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