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my war didnt finish
« on: June 17, 2020, 04:11:54 AM »
Cpl 28571 joseph woodbury
joseph enlisted in the 23rd manchesters in 1915,he worked as a grocery warehouseman for the CO-OP in Manchester,born 13th august 1896,in 1917 he was awarded the MM for gallant conduct in the field,later wounded in late 1917
on 16th February 1918 he married mary hatchell at st.andrews church,ancoats,they went to live at 17 long st,ancoats and had four children,2 daughters and two sons,joseph born 26th august 1918 and john born 1923,john died the following year
joseph jnr followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the Manchester regiment as pte 3528288 joseph woodbury,he along with many of his comrades were captured at Singapore
joseph died on 17th may 1943 age 24
resided at 59 booth hall rd,manchester


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Re: my war didnt finish
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Mack, attached is a photo of Joseph juniors grave stone for you, I took this photo so you may use it if you wish. The following is from the records I have of the 1st Bn Manchester Regiment Far East casualties. The first section is where he died, I have included all the names of those who died at the same location. The last section shows his grave location in Kanchanaburi Cemetery.  If you have any photos of Joseph Junior you may be able to compare to see if he is in one of the two groups of POW's that are in the Far East Photo section of the Forum.

TAKANUN - 206 km            
3528288   Pte   Woodbury J.   17.5.1943   
782196   Pte   Boardman F.   20.5.1943   
4800131   L/Cpl   Bradford W.F.   2.6.1943   
3528565   Pte   Ludbrook E.   9.6.1943   
3529726   Pte   Bolton J.   14.6.1943   
3526058   Pte   Bimson G.   20.6.1943   Cholera
3526623   Sgt   Nolan P.P.   25.6.1943   
   Major   Cooper G.D.   26.6.1943   
3525476   Sgt   Mylchreest J.A.D.   6.10.1943   Cholera
3528299   Pte   Crowther F.   8.10.1943   Cholera
3527674   Pte   Hough G.A.   9.10.1943   Cholera
3528449   Pte   Jones A.A.   15.10.1943   Cholera
3526696   Pte   Hefferan J.S.   20.10.1943   Cholera

Woodbury, Joseph   Pte   3528288   1st Battalion   Manchester Regiment   United Kingdom
Died   24   17/05/1943   Plot 2. O. 65   Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: my war didnt finish
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many thanks cliff

keep safe mate