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farewell to an old pal
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Cpl 15452 fred whittaker.294 lees rd,oldham
worked at Windsor mill as a cotton spinner
fred was a very religious man and teetotaller he always refused his rum ration before a action,he refused to bear arms during the war,but still enlisted to do his bit,he joined the 24th manchesters as a stretcher bearer in C.coy,during his time in france,he acted as a runner and guide and was awarded the military medal for gallant conduct,when the battalion went to Italy,fred was awarded a 1st and 2nd bar to his military medal,the 2nd bar for organising the safe evacuation of the wounded.
served 50yrs in the boys brigade and worked as a truancy officer for Oldham council and a physical training instructor at middlewood remand home Rochdale.
aged only 26 when the war ended,fred had won three military medals without picking up a rifle
he died on 15th February 1977,five of his old pals turned up to honour their old comrade

14470.alfred holding,15 ruth ave,new moston,lewis gunner,B.coy
14178 Harold whitehead,300 coxley hill rd,oldham,DCM+MM,A.coy
14153 fred ryan,12 shaw st,oldham,MM,C.coy
15307 fred west,62 coalshaw green rd,oldham,MM
14528 fred bottomley,244 waterloo st,oldham,B.coy

freds younger brother 376808 William whittaker had the same principles as fred,he joined the 2/10th battalion also as a stretcher bearer
he won the MM for bringing in wounded men under heavy shellfire 9th/11th October 1917,he was later wounded at miramont in august 1918 in the left side and lost his eye
worked at platt bros

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Re: farewell to an old pal
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The herosm and bravery of these soldiers beggars belief.