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1140 joseph,edwin king
« on: February 17, 2020, 02:30:28 AM »
1140 joseph Edwin king
7th manchesters enlisted 11/01/1910
Embodied 5/8/1914
45 brailsford rd,fallowfield
worked for j.f+h Roberts Manchester
parents Edwin,howes+jane king
wife frances,may.married Manchester cathedral 1-1-13, 37 Upper Stanhope St, Park Ln, L/Pool.
Discharged 27/12/1915
died 9 February 1916 from Lobar Pneumonia commencing on Active Service. No note of agg or att. Pension Award.
age 25
buried st.matthews churchyard,stretford on 14-2-16

the doctor stated on his discharge that joseph was feeble minded and had been like this since childhood,he cannot carry out duties as a soldier and prefers solitude
joseph had been a territorial for six years and only missed one annual camp,hardly the MO of a man who cant function as a soldier and being in annual camp with thousands of soldiers isn't for someone who wants solitude,i think the doctor was the feeble minded one

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Re: 1140 joseph,edwin king
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The Pension Record has no evidence to corroborate that Joseph King contracted Pneumonia in service. As a short term medical condition this doesn't support the Pension Card claim.  Hold Relationship not proven*
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