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Wilfred Keith Evans
« on: February 06, 2020, 10:08:16 PM »
I have inherited a photo of a gentleman in civilian clothes. It is not a posed photo. It shows the man walking through a passageway. The writing on the back says "Capt Evans" and "Clarence Square, Brighton". My Grandfather (Patrick Stanley) served in India when Lt, then Capt Evans was Adjutant of the 1st Batt. Recalled to the Colours, he served with Capt Evans until wounded in Oct 1914. He met the lady who was to become his wife (and my grandmother) whilst in hospital in Brighton. I have no idea how the photo came to be taken. Clarence Sq is about half a mile from where Patrick worked in a barber's shop after the war. He was in receipt of a partial disability pension. Capt Evans was an acting Brigadier General by the end of the war. Did he conduct welfare visits to former soldiers after he retired? In these days of mobile phones it is possible to imagine a snapshot being taken on an unexpected encounter with an old acquaintance. In the 1920s, it simply did not happen. And yet that is what it looks like. Any insight would be welcome   

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Re: Wilfred Keith Evans
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Hello Keith
I can't answer your question, but strange coincidences do happen, or
someone sent him the photo.

I have found the following

Welcome to the forum. Is your grandfather's service number 7994?

With regards to Captain Wilfred Keith Evans the following information is from
his sons bio, at this link.,%20MPE%7D)

Museum of the Manchester Regiment The Men Behind the Medals

Wilfred was serving as an officer in the Manchester Regiment when Michael was born. He held the rank of Captain and was the Adjutant at the Regimental Depot in Ashton-under-Lyne during 1914. Michael spent the first year of his life there. Later he would become a Brigadier General and Colonel of the Manchester Regiment. He died in July 1934.

He joined the 2nd Battalion with the following officers
Capt Hardcastle, W K Evans, A G Tillard, W G K Peirce
and 2/Lt M R Davidson (murdered after the second World War)
joined on the 16th Sept 1914.

Patrick joined with  2/Lt Hugh de Putron  on the 5th Sept 1914 with the
first reinforcements from base.

Is the following link to your web site, if so it is very informative.