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62172 Frederick Mitchell - 2nd Bn
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On the afternoon of 9th February 1918 a raiding party of the 53rd German Reserve Division led by Leutnant Marx, Reserve Infanterie Regiment 241 and Leutnant Zeissig of Reserve Infanterie Regiment 242 set out with blackened faces to attack a listening post near Mangelare before it was reinforced for the night. Approaching the post in daylight it was found to be unexpectedly strongly held but they escaped with a wounded prisoner from the 2nd Bn. They left two of their dead behind.

The 2nd Bn‘s War Diary records „The enemy raided a post on the left Company‘s front about 5.30pm. Bombs were thrown by the enemy into our post wounding the occupants. One of the men was afterwards reported missing“

The only man recorded as being captured on or near this date is Pte Mitchell.