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Non Commissioned Graves / William Crompton 15855
« Last post by PaulC on January 01, 2024, 04:43:48 PM »
Pte William Crompton 15855 Manchester Regt, trans. to 487280 Labour Corps. Enlisted 14/12/1914, disemb. France 07/09/1915. Trans. to Class Z Reserve 22/2/1919. Rheumatism, anaemia & myalgia due to service. Husband of Elizabeth Crompton, of 88 Leeds Street, Top Lock, New Springs, Wigan. Accidentally drowned in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal on 20/11/1920. Burial not found.
Non Commissioned Graves / Re: Pte 3795 Thomas Burtney (Burtanay)
« Last post by PaulC on December 27, 2023, 11:43:17 PM »
I've turned up a further pension card for Wm Arburthnot 11780 Border Regt, of 15 Longshoot, Scholes, Wigan, dependant was Jane Arburthnot. I assume it's the same man, but can find no further records with those service details.
Non Commissioned Graves / William Booth 3041
« Last post by PaulC on December 27, 2023, 07:24:43 PM »
Pte William Booth 3041 Manchester Regt. Not much to go on, just two pension cards. Date and cause of death not specified, disease contracted after discharge. Husband of Catherine Booth, 25 Melbourne Street, Wallgate, Wigan. Buried at Wigan Cemetery on 22/09/1915, age 32, plot CE.P.433 (public grave).
1903 - 1913 / Re: 4th Battalion
« Last post by Tim Bell on December 27, 2023, 06:27:04 PM »
Hi Ramshaw,

George Henry Clarke served as Henry Clarke in the Beds and transferred to the Manchesters. Active service in India and S Africa.  Please read the service record and let us know of you have any questions on interpretation.
Welcome to the forum.

1903 - 1913 / 4th Battalion
« Last post by ramshawmob on December 27, 2023, 02:21:40 PM »
Hello all, thank you for admitting me to the forum.
I am trying to get a little more information on my great-granddad, George Henry Clarke. He was born 28 Jan 1869 in Huntingdonshire and in 1904 he was married in Cork to  Rachel Bowman (who was born in London). They had my great aunt Esther while in Cork - 1906-  which is where he is recorded as being in the 4th battalion. By 1906 he is back in Aldershot where my grandad was born.
In the 1921 census he is living in Peterborough and is recorded as an "invalid" but I have no idea if this was anything to do with his army service.
I am on Find My Past to create my tree but I've drawn a blank as regards any further information on my great-grandad so any pointers would be most helpful. I do recall there was a picture of him in uniform at my grandads house but I have no idea where that is now, unfortunately.

thank you
No Broadband over Xmas. My daughters are losing it!

A good record on 17 the Bn is here Others blogs are available  :D
His service record is on Ancestry.  He died of wounds at 55th Casualty Clearing Station.
17th battalion 2nd City / Re: 17th battalion A Company Platoon 4
« Last post by geeceedee on December 23, 2023, 09:43:10 AM »
Platoon Sergeant Henry H Drake second row third left (sat to the left of Lieutenant Kirkwood)
Hi Tim many thanks for that!  Yes he certainly looked the part; I never saw a picture of him before I found it on this forum, which is wonderful to see the man! BTW his brother Matthew was in 1st Grenadier Guards in WW1, and pictures of him show a very impressive soldier too!
I had no idea that gt uncle Henry was in the pre-war army, do you have any pointers where I might find out more about that, or about his time in 17th for that matter - like where to look up service records?
Thanks again for all your help, and for such a great forum!
Henry had served at least 4 years in the pre-war 7th (Territorial) Bn. This experience will have been evident & led to his prompt promotion. He certainly looked the part too!
We don’t know why Henry reverted to Pte less than a month after arriving in France. This may have been through choice. He joined with numerous colleagues from Hallams & may have preferred to serve alongside them in France, rather than being in charge as SNCO.
You’re right about Provost Marshall. Henry may have been downgraded in fitness for this attachment. Just speculation but I doubt he’d have chosen to leave what remained of his Pals.
GSW is gunshot wound. The cemetery is behind Amiens, so he probably died under treatment for his wounds.
It’s fascinating to build a picture of your gt uncle & even better when we see what he looks like.
This is the inscription on his grave, as chosen by Florence - OH JESUS OPEN WIDE THY HEART AND LET HIM REST THEREIN.
If you visit let us know.
Thank you Tim that's so great!!  Maybe you can help explain a few things to a newbie like me -
- what does "Time expired service with 7th Bn" mean?
- it looks like he was enlisted and then a couple of weeks later he was Promoted Sgt on 19/09/1914, is that normal to be promoted after only a couple of weeks?
- it says "France 08/11/1915. Reverted to Pte 02/12/1915. France 08/11/1915" what can that mean, was he disciplined for some sort of offence and relegated back down from being a sergeant to being a private?
- Provost Marshall’s staff - is this like the police in the army?
- I assume sadly that GSW means Gun Shot Wound?
Thanks again this is so helpful!!
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