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All Other Manchester Regiment Queries / Re: 2nd and 3rd Battalion help
« Last post by Timberman on November 18, 2022, 03:07:55 PM »

 Hi Lillie
 Have you got your Great Grandfather’s name.
 Welcome to the forum.
Morning Burdette,
Fred was killed when patrolling at Neuville Vitesse Mill.  Have a look at previous posts on the subject.
The Germans were making a strategic withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line and the patrol was caught out.  There are a lot of similarities with the circumstances in the film '1917'.
Fred was part of a large number of drafts  from R Berks (& other Regts) that joined 17th Bn on attachment in mid July 1916.  Those that survived the assualt on Guillemont on 30 July were transferred to 17th Bn on 1 September.  We've sent quite a few amendments to CWGC to see the R Berks & other Regiments attachments added to the records for casualties on 30 July.
Generally the R Berks men had trained with 9th Bn (many were Derby Scheme Volunteers) before posting to 5th Bn when they arrived in France around 1 July. They were posted to an Infantry Brigade Depot and attached to 17th Manchesters, which had the greatest need for reinforcements at the time. The draft did not therefore arrive with 5th R Berks.
Welcome to the forum.
All Other Manchester Regiment Queries / 2nd and 3rd Battalion help
« Last post by LillieReeRose12 on November 18, 2022, 10:02:18 AM »

Hello all, I’m a new member looking for help, input or insight into my Great Grandfather’s army career. Any information however small would be of great benefit indeed to help me piece things together.

My Great Grandfather was in the 2nd Manchesters, regiment number 580 and was a Sergeant at the start of WW1.

Although on the Service Medal and Award Roll his first regiment appears to be the 3rd Manchesters where his service number was also 580.

From my research I found the following information regarding his ranks:

In 1908 he was a lance Corporal (rank on his son’s birth certificate)

In 1911 he was a Corporal (rank on the 1911 Census of Ireland)

In 1914 his rank was Sergeant on his medals and Award Roll

In 1917 his rank was Sergeant in an Army Medical Admission Book

In 1921 the Census shows him with an occupation that wasn’t Army based.

In an Army Medical Admission book in October 1914 it records his completed years of service as 9, which leads me to believe he joined the army around 1905, when he was around 18.

My first question that I would love some help with is how long did a recruit join up for in 1905? I had read it was 9 years, but is this correct?

We have no idea when he actually joined or left the Army.

My second question would be where is it likely he joined up? The family was living in Salford, in Pendleton in 1901.

My third question is where would he have been based with the 3rd Manchesters?

I know with the 2nd Battalion he was in Mullingar in 1911 and then based in Curragh in 1914 and left for France on the 15.8.14. But I do not know his whereabouts before this.

My last question is regarding marriage in the Army. Were soldiers in 1908 allowed to marry freely or were there any certain requirements?

I read that you needed permission from a superior officer, is this correct?

I cannot find a marriage record for my Great Grandfather although on many documents including birth, baptism and census records he is recorded as married and it gives a marriage date of around 1907/8.

What I found strange is that he is recorded on the 1911 Census of Ireland as living with his wife and two small children, one who was two years old and the other just one month old, in a room of a cottage (I assume he is renting) with a non military Irish family and not in the Mullingar Barracks which is close by, where records show other soldiers with families living.

If you can provide any answers to my questions or any information about the topics above I would be grateful. Look forward to hearing from you.
Hello / Hi. Thanks for adding, Looking for info regarding Frank Mooney, 301996
« Last post by SamAlex on November 18, 2022, 02:52:15 AM »
Hi All, Thanks for adding. My Elderly Neighbour. Is in possession of 2, WW1 medals related to a Frank Mooney, A C, Sjt, South Lancashire Regiment & Manchester Regiment.
Regiment Numbers 1970 & 301996.
I’m interested in finding out more information about Frank to see if he’s related or possibly finding any living Descendants with interest and tie or connections. Who’d Appreciate the medals.

Name: Frank Mooney
Gender: Male
Rank: Sgt
Record Type: Disability
Birth Date: 1888
Residence Place: St. Helens Lancs.
Military Service Region: North West, North West
Military Country: England
Discharge Date: 5 Dec 1918
Service Number: 301996
Corps, Regiment or Unit: Manchester Regiment
Service Branch: Military (Army)
Title: WWI Pension Record Cards and Ledgers
Description: Pension Record Ledger
Reference Number: 3/MM/No.5998
Next of Kin:
Name Relation to Soldier
Frank Mooney
My great great uncle Private Fred Sims 43333 was, according to the Commonwealth War Graves website, in the 17th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment. He came from Sparsholt Berks so I was surprised he was in a regiment that I read was a pals regiment from Manchester. Did they recruit all over?
Is there a way to find out where he enlisted? Is there a way to find his platoon?
I can't find a service record so I suspect it was one of the many that got destroyed.

I'd like to know where the 17th Battalion was fighting on 7.4.1917 when he was killed

Any pointers to where I might get info is much appreciated

Hello / New member researching Grandfather George Scott reg no. 3981
« Last post by DT on November 17, 2022, 10:52:44 PM »
Enlisted 25th August 1914
France 16th July 1915 to 5th March1917
Wounded 25th Feb 1916 and 3rd Feb 1917
Trying to find out campaigns he was involved in and any other available information.
Hello / Re: Photos 2nd Battalion, C Company Secunderabad 1945
« Last post by Gizerhill on November 16, 2022, 08:39:46 PM »
Yes, I know Dave Gilhen. i sent him an email a couple  a weeks ago and have not heard back. I did not know Mr. Bonner was deceased. I was hoping Dave could have Mr.  Bonner check Col. Clark's photos albums and post the photos of C company and Battalion on the Ashton library site.  I guess that is out.

I purchased the Battalion photo , it is incorrectly labeled. They come from different sources.
Hello / Re: Photos 2nd Battalion, C Company Secunderabad 1945
« Last post by Timberman on November 16, 2022, 07:31:30 PM »
 Hi Gizerhill
 Welcome to the forum, I'll have a look through my files to see if I can help.
 Not sure if you know about  The Halifax 100 - Manchester Regiment WW2
 face book page about your dad.
 Follow the link.

 It may be worth asking them the same question.
 Dave1212 is a member on this forum and started the The Halifax 100 Facebook.
 He has added a lot of photos to the forum.

 Good luck with your research.

Non Commissioned Graves / Re: Private William Carter 8494 17th
« Last post by Tim Bell on November 16, 2022, 04:29:57 PM »
William Carter trained in XV Pln of 17th Bn.  The BWM/VM roll shows he served overseas with the 13th Bn but I suspect 17th Bn was missed off in error. The 1914/15 Star Roll says he disembarked on 7 November 1915.  William later served with the South Wales Borders until he was transferred to Reserve Class Z on 25/03/1919.  He had been hospitalised in August 1917 with  pyrexia and separately Haematuria in May 1918 - both with 13th Bn.
William Carter died from Aortic disease & Heart failure on 11 August 1919. As there is no record of VDH in the records we cannot show that this was a consequence of service.  He is buried at Southern Cemetery.
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