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All Other Manchester Regiment Queries / Re: 2nd and 3rd Battalion help
« Last post by LillieReeRose12 on November 21, 2022, 11:20:00 AM »
Good morning Tim,

Wow, thank you so much, this is absolutely fantastic, it pieces a few more bits together for me. That’s so kind of you.

I will have a good read through those articles.

In answer to your questions. His wife was called Maria Helene Day, nee Bailey. Although sometimes referred to as Ellen Maria, born around 1889 and interestingly in Guernsey. I haven’t researched her much so don’t know a great deal about her. I had read that the 2nd Batt. or maybe the 3rd were stationed in Guernsey, but unsure on the date or whether William Day (also known as Francis William Day) was there. Their first child was born in Salford in 1908 so I’m guessing a marriage prior to this? Maybe they met and married in Guernsey if he was stationed there?

Everything I can find on William Day records him as being in the 2nd. Battalion, his son’s birth certificate in 1908, the army hospital admissions in 1914 (A company) and 1917 (C company), his 1914 Star Medal, the only time I have seen the 3rd Batt. mentioned in on his British War Medal and Victory Medal record, it reads:

2nd Manch. Regt.
580        Sgt.
3rd Manch. Regt.

I am unsure what this means.

I do have a photograph of him, unsure when or where it was taken but he has three chevrons on his sleeve. There are also two medals from WWII the Defence and the 1939-1945 War Medal. I know absolutely nothing about him serving during this period.

Hope that information has helped, if not just let me know. Thanks so much.
Applications for Commemoration / Re: Captain H.H.Nidd MC: 7th Bn. Manchester Regiment
« Last post by Tim Bell on November 21, 2022, 07:20:58 AM »
Thanks Andy,
A copy of the burial register is what IFCP need for CWGC to accept the burial.
Hi Tim

apologies for my late reply.

this is really good news for Captain Nidd. I dont seem to have noted the plot number in my haste to find the grave and the days before decent mobile phones. from my description on GWF and my visits as a volunteer for CWGC it must be in the back 2 plots as its 3 rows from the collapse at the rear of the cemetery.

im happy to visit the office this week to access the burial register for willow grove or to go to Stockport library to look at the digital copy and get the plot number for you

Hello / Re: Hi. Thanks for adding, Looking for info regarding Frank Mooney, 301996
« Last post by Tim Bell on November 20, 2022, 01:25:01 PM »
L/Cpl 1970 Frank Mooney disembarked with 2nd S Lancs on 23/11/1914 and became Acting Col Sgt.  He was transferred to 3/8th Bn on 01/03/1916 ‘5608’ and went on to serve with 1/8th Bn ‘301996’ where he was a Sgt Frank was discharged with a gunshot wound to his right finger on 05/12/1918 or 19/02/1919. He lived at 129 Napier Street, St Helens. Born 1888.
We can’t be certain we have the right man but a Frank / Francis Mooney born 07/03/1887 lived at 6 Aspinall Place, St Helens in 1939.  In 1911 he had been a coal miner resident with his wife Annie (Nee Kelly) at 30 Mount Street, St Helens. The son of Francis and Margaret Mooney.  The couple’s daughter, Margaret, was born 21/03/1913 and lived with her father in 1939.  She had married Robert Foy in Q1 1935 and had a son, Robert Foy, born 19/09/1935.  Robert died in Rochdale in Feb 1995.  He had a wife and son.  I’ll try to find out more.
Frank received 3 medals.  Please can you describe what your neighbour has?

Welcome to the forum

All Other Manchester Regiment Queries / Re: 2nd and 3rd Battalion help
« Last post by Tim Bell on November 20, 2022, 12:13:52 PM »
Hi Lillie,
I can assist a little but I don't have access to the FWR admissions records and we can't find the service record . I'd be interested to hear which Bn is noted on the admissions in 1914 & 17.
Following your questions
1. The regimental number sequence indicates William enlisted in very late 1905 or early 1906.  See  The period of service changed at some point, that I don't know, from 9 + 3 on reserve to 7 + 5.  I'd guess the former because a Sgt disembarking on 15/08/1914 was very likely to have been serving at the Curragh when the Bn was mobilised.  It's also possible William had extended his original service or (I doubt) mobilised from Reserve. See
2. Most recruitment was at the Regimental Depot at Ashton.
3. William was part of the original 2nd Manchesters which joined the BEF in August 1914.  At some stage he was posted to 3rd (Special Reserve) Bn, which was based at Cleethorpes.  This was a training unit responsible for the Humber Defences.  Many wounded men were posted there to prepare for a return to the front, alongside new recruits and home based NCOs and men who were not fit for overseas duty. The Bn notation on FWR may provide a guide on the date of this posting.  He was probably demobilised in spring 1919, or earlier. As he didn't evidently receive a pension, it was unlikely to have been earlier.  He had completed his contracted period of service but the deemed to have continued under conscription laws.
4. Other Ranks required consent to be married.  I just wonder if he was overseas at the time but I can't find any.  What was his wife's name? I don't know enough about family housing to comment.

To find a bit more context see
and the 2nd Bn War Diary which can be downloaded for free from Naitional Archives.

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Applications for Commemoration / Re: Captain H.H.Nidd MC: 7th Bn. Manchester Regiment
« Last post by Tim Bell on November 19, 2022, 12:59:36 PM »
IFCP has now put forward Herbert Nidd's case forward for commemoration as he died from endocarditis commencing in service.  Herbert's case was put forward by John Hartley many years ago.  The change in criteria should see him receiving recognition as a War Grave.
I am amazed how much info you have been able to give me and really grateful.
Many thanks
Thats sooo helpful. More info than I expected! Thanks a bunch.  I was surprised that Fred had been mentioned in other posts. I didn't know he was names on the war memorial in Wantage- I will pay it a visit.

One of the posts mentions that Fred Sims has a service record. Where do I find that?

Thanks again


All Other Manchester Regiment Queries / Re: 2nd and 3rd Battalion help
« Last post by LillieReeRose12 on November 18, 2022, 03:10:33 PM »
Hi Timberman, thank you so much 😊

Of course, it was William Day.

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