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Title: george caslin
Post by: mack on November 11, 2018, 04:37:27 AM
pte 12970 George caslin
14th manchesters[later changed to 14thTR battalion]
64 boyswell lane,wigan
died 18th july 1917 from TB
aged 19
buried wigan cemetery.I.358.RC section

discharged 22-6-17
the TB was aggravated by military service
listed on wigan cenotaph but overlooked by the CWGC
Title: Re: george caslin
Post by: Tim Bell on December 15, 2019, 10:06:02 AM
Pte 37639 / TR/6/12970 George Caslin
Private Caslin had been born on 9 September 1897 and was an Apprentice Hairdresser prior to enlisting.  He attested at Wigan in 14th Battalion, under the Derby / Group Scheme, on 9 December 1915, aged 18.  George was mobilised at Ashton Barracks on 28 July 1916.  George served at Brockton Camp, Staffordshire.  He was transferred to 14th Training Reserve Battalion on 1 September and trained as a Signaller.  George was admitted to the Cannock Chase Military Hospital on 9 March 1917, suffering from TB.
Pte George was discharged at Lichfield, with a Silver War Badge and Disability Pension on 22 June 1917. He had TB of the Lung aggravated by Military Service.
George died at his father’s home, from Pulmonary TB on 18 July 1917, less than a month after his discharge, aged 21.  He is buried on Wigan Cemetery, Roman Catholic Section and commemorated on Wigan Cenotaph.
George’s father William and sister Mary received Dependents Pensions. William lived at 64 Boyswell Lane, Wigan.
A G Caslin was Court Martialled for Absence Without Leave (AWOL) in March 1915, serving with 10th S Lancs at Prees Heeth and sentenced to 56 days detention.  He returned to Court Martial for AWOL in November 1915 and sentenced to 6 months Hard Labour commuted to Discharge.  This would fit with the later Attestation under the Group Scheme in December 1915.  If this is the same George Caslin, he would have only been seventeen at the time of his first Hearing.
Title: Re: george caslin
Post by: Tim Bell on December 30, 2019, 02:35:45 PM
DC attached confirming cause of death as TB.  IFCP will apply for commemoration.  George was a hairdresser's apprentice prior to enlisting. Born 9/9/1897.
Title: Re: george caslin
Post by: Tim Bell on August 06, 2020, 07:35:22 AM
We need to see if there is a headstone on George Caslin's plot at Wigan. Then review any inscription.
PaulC has taken a photo of the plot, which has a headstone with inscriptions for Richard & Mary Dean in 1955/76.  Mary was George's sister.  George is not mentioned & I wonder if the current Headstone is a later replacement.
Family consent would be needed for a Gallipoli style low profile headstone.