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Title: QSA Medal Roll
Post by: Jonathan_NW on December 21, 2008, 11:50:38 PM
Hi all

I have posted a few times on here before with regards to my Great Uncle. Fred Bunn died June 29, 1900 whilst serving with the 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment but I have been told he does not appear on the QSA medal Roll. Would anyone be able to tell me why not and how I might find out if his next of kin recieved it?


Title: Re: QSA Medal Roll
Post by: sphinx on December 22, 2008, 09:43:27 AM

Heres what we know.
1.  2969 F. Bunn does not appear on the 1st Bn. QSA Roll as you say.

2.  He did die of enteric fever at P.M.Burg on 29.6.1900 as part of the 1st Bn.

3.  He is therefore entitled to the QSA.

Here is what we do not know.
1.  Why his name is not on the roll.  Human error I suspect.

2.  What clasps he was entitled to, as we dont know when he arrived in S. Africa.

3.  Whether the medal was ever issued.

4.  If it was, to whom it was issued.

1.  Try and trace his service papers at the national Archives.  If they survive they will answer most of your questions.  However in my experience the papers of men who died of disease were destroyed, as they were not entitled to a pension and of no further use to the Army.

2.  Cant think of anything else.  Sorry.