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Title: 3532574 harold eric dixon
Post by: mack on March 19, 2021, 05:47:54 PM
harold was captured on 8th june 1940,a week later he escaped along with three other men from his unit,harold spoke fluent french,so he was able to communicate with the french and through the bravery of french citizens and a american citizen who lived in france,they were smuggled to the border of the free french and occupied zones,after several unsuccessful attempts to cross to the free french zone due to patrols and guard dogs,they made their way back across france,they made contact with a english citizen working in lloyds bank in paris who helped them get to the spanish border where they successfully crossed into spain,they stayed at the british consulate for a time and then taken to the border at gibraltar and eventually to freedom in england

his three friends who

3533122 harry abrahams
3532947 kenneth ballantyne
3533102 edward victor hope

sadly harold was struck down with multiple sclerosis and eventually went blind and became paralised,he died in the st.dunstans home at 1 wimbourne place,blackpool on 24-6-1949
a former old boy of stretford grammar school
resided 192 brantingham rd,withington