The Manchester Regiment 1758 - 1958

The Regimental Archives


Taken from the Tameside web page, this is the listing of the regimental archives, which is held in the Local History section of the library at Old Street Ashton

Records of Services and Historical Records of the Regiment, 1758-1945

Digests of services for 1st and 2nd Battalions and some War Diaries.

Operational Records, 1883-1962

Orders, reports and maps

Histories of the Regiment, 1884-1974

Official histories, diaries and personal accounts

Addresses and Messages of Appreciation, 1833-1962

Honours and Casualties of War, 1845-1957

Rolls of honour, casualty lists, lists of P.O.W.s and medal rolls

Records of Appointments, Commissions and Promotions, 1760-1967

Records of Officers' services, Army lists, Commissions and Attestations

General Returns, 1771-1847

Rolls of Companies and Officers, 1809-1945

Miscellaneous Reports, 1814-1950

Accounts and Pay Lists, 1782-1915

Records of Arrests and Illegal Absences, 1920-1940 (closed for 100 years)

Standing Orders, 1804-1958

Papers relating to Organisation and Training, 1798-1946

Papers relating to Dress, Clothing and Equipment, 1930-1979

Papers relating to the Band, 1904-1951

Correspondence, 1854-1979

Personal Documents, 1798-1990

Parades and Ceremonies, 1903-1994

Messes, Clubs and Associations, 1864-1988

Regimental and Battalion Newspapers and Gazettes, 1883-1993

Catalogues and Registers of the Regimental Museum, 1956-1971

Maps and Plans, 1903-1953

Photograph Albums, 1845-1971

Non manuscript items, 1735-1954

Biographical and Historical Notes, 1869-1984

Illustrations and Printed Material, 1776-1993

Ephemera, 1886-1976

Newspaper Cuttings, 1887-1990