The Manchester Regiment 1758 - 1958

The Twentysecond (Service) Battalion


22nd (Service) (7th City Pals) Battalion.

The Battalion was raised at Manchester on the 21st November 1914. by the Lord Mayor & the major Manchester Cotton producers. In December 1914 the battalion moved to Morecambe where it was billeted in the town. In April 1915 to Grantham as part of the 91st Brigade, 30th Division.

On the 10th August 1915 the battalion was taken over by the War Office, and in September 1915 they moved to Larkhill Camp.

On the 11th November 1915 they landed at Boulogne and on the 20th December 1915. they became part of the 91st Brigade 7th Division. The 22nd had their first experience of the trenches training with the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

In February 1916 they arrived at the Somme, opposite the German held fortified village of Mametz, east of Fricourt. On the 2nd June A company carried out a trench raid on a German listening post. After weeks of rehearsal, sixty men attacked after a substantial bombardment. The attack was a success but not without cost as the problem of uncut wire, which was to be a major factor in the oncoming Battle of the Somme, caused many casualties.

On the 1st July, the battle of the Somme commenced, the 22nd, as part of 7th Division, would be attacking Fricourt in a pincer movement. The 21st were to remain in reserve until Fricourt was ready to be assaulted, while the 91st brigade was to attack Bunny Alley and Fritz trench. The 22nd acheived their first objective of Bucket Trench and moved on the Danzig Alley but were drived back as german soldiers emerged unscarthed from their underground bunkers. Re-inforced by the elements of the South Staffords, the 22nd took Danzig Trench. The brigade pushed forward and Mametz was taken. The battalion paid a terrible price, of the 796 men that started the day, they sufferd 472 casualties. The battalion was relieved on the 5th July.

In November 1917 they moved to Italy where it remained in with the 7th Division.

On the 11th November 1918 as part of the 91st Brigade, 7th Division the battalion finished in the war in Italy, West of Udine.