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cover up
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37734 William,edward burns
in 1916 William was called up,but he failed to report,he was later arrested and taken under escort to altcar camp for training,but he refused to carry out or obey any orders,he was sentenced to one years imprisonment at Walton gaol,after a few weeks he was released on condition that he went to llanddeusant work camp,wales,he and some of his fellow consciencious objectors objected to the regime in the camp and went on strike,william was re-arrested and sent to wormwood scrubs from there he was taken to hull prison,while at hull,he complained of being ill and refused to eat anything,the prison MO dr howlett decided to force feed William despite his protests that he was ill,he was taken to a hospital cell and force fed three times a day between the 11th and 13th march until he died the following day,the cause was that the tube used to force feed him was too short and the food went straight into his lungs and choked him to death,at the inquest,dr howlett accepted responsibility,but two further inquests covered it up by stating William died of pneumonia while being force fed.

son of William,henry+ann burns,10 norman rd,failsworth