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update+amendments for tis
« on: June 08, 2008, 08:26:16 AM »
regarding the long list of 2nd batt men,captured in 1914 that i posted,these are some amendments and a bit of added details.

all these men,disembarked in france,on 15-8-1914.
3 harold elson.3 mona st Oldham[B.coy]wounded in leg 26-8-14
21 albert,edward riddell,awarded SWB
29 william,t brown
38 adam roberts
51 harry foster,awarded SWB
70 william,james taylor,he was killed in action on 22-10-14,he was wrongly listed as a POW,he can be taken off the list of POWs
107 robert haigh,theres no mention of a date of disembarkation or an award of the 1914 star on his medal card.
114 alfred pimlott
133 john hollis,died at base hospital on 8-12-18,not sure if he was a POW,still checking
138 james brown,assumed to have died or KIA on 26-8-14,he was buried by the germans in le cateau cemetery.
155 william simmonds 38 mary st,higher broughton
173 james foster,he later served as pte 70224 lancs fusiliers,no mention of being a POW on his MIC,medals were forfeited.
177 john ryder
182 thomas ward
273 john lumby,discharged 24-1-19
290 richard ryan
313 james smith 5 clifford st,eccles
384 charles,f tomlins
429 michael,j cahill served after the war in the 6th batt as 3512207
533 j henderson,hes wrongly listed,his correct number was 535 james henderson,went on to serve,in the RAMC as 205690.
878 thomas king
1074 arthur freeth
1152 james,ryan whyte,later a captain in the north staffs regt,based at the intelligence office,army of occupation,solingen,germany
1218 charles kenny
1414 thomas trott,awarded SWB
1530 john eyres
1549 henry cosgrove
1653 frank jones
1802 sidney,f leaberry,dolphin cottage,moulton,northants
1812 james bailey
1928 william,c hadfield,196 langworthy rd,seedley
1991 william,d hodges 123 latchmere grove,battersea
2224 joseph roberts
291 michael brown,enlisted 15-5-12,discharged 8-3-19
2336 n.sladen
2383 william,s shelesher
2376 edward williams

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Re: update+amendments for tis
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2008, 01:56:59 PM »
Thanks for that mack. I have a list of queries double up nmes variation in numbers some obviously same men. If its the same address I have added max info from both and deleted the other one. This on the POW listings. Its taking a while, I hope that its Ok with you as I am a one finger typist!
best wishes

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Re: update+amendments for tis
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a one fingered typist,we must have been on the same typing course,i can do 3 words a minute ;D ;D