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wrong info on CWGC
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:54:26 AM »
pte 1652 Richard stott.1/9th manchesters
pte stott was wounded on 4th june 1915 and put aboard the hospital ship ascania,the CWGC says he died of wounds at sea on 13th june,the ships log and soldiers effects book says he died on 5th june.
the ascania was still unloading wounded at Alexandria on 10th june,i don't know when she set sail for Gallipoli,but the trip usually took 3 to 4 days,in order for him to have died at sea on 13th june,he would have had to have remained on board,i doubt wether the ascania was at sea on 13th june,after disembarking its delicate cargo,the ship still needed to be re-coaled,re-supplied and cleaned up