Author Topic: Pals Battalions - 16th (Service) 1st City Battalion of Manchester Regiment  (Read 935 times)

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Hi Guys,

I posted a long while ago but now I am fully committed to research for my dissertation. I am looking for two examples of recruited 'pals' into the 16th (Service) First City Battalion of Manchester - if anyone has any links to any sources, that would be magnificent. I am looking to find links in occupations of the these recruits to make links and argue that they enrolled together as 'pals'. I know that Manchester's recruitment policy was spearheaded by the Lord Mayor and middle class businesses, so if anyone has any examples of recruits responding to Kitchener's 'call to arms' that would also be great.

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Will Peilober (MA in History at University of Manchester)

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Hi Will,

Large groups joined up together from the same companies, having received tickets from their employers.  There are numerous examples and the City Battalions Book of Honour shows this.

Gerorge Robinson caught my eye because the men have photos and many joined XIV Pln pf 17th Bttn together

Following one Platoon and everything around them....