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manchesters on the hofuku maru
« on: September 13, 2020, 02:41:53 PM »
attacked and sunk by american carrier based aircraft 21-9-1944


L/cpl 3527507 david taylor,25 walker rd,newcastle
L/cpl 3533697 kenneth,william,francis white,1 sydney rd,rochester
cpl 3533023 norman holland,11 stonecroft terrace,ashton in makerfield
L/cpl 3527273 walter blakeley,49 hardwood rd,crumpsall
L/cpl 3527645 stanley wilkes,301 south st,openshaw
L/cpl 3534723 norman,eric clarke,55 dyson st,newton heath
3526592 thomas,bernard healey,59 chatham rd,birkdale
3529611 arthur anderson,5 inglesby place,armley,leeds
3527281 george edwards,3 poplar st,audenshaw
bandsman 3524474 james christian,48 quay st,stalybridge
3528345 jack,charles cooper,121 sanderson st,newton heath
3526175 mervyn creese,6 birbeck grove,acton,london
3529530 william barry,201 great jackson st,manchester
3529831 james beckett,27 appleton st,collyhurst
3535979 roland bommer,306 blackburn rd,bolton
L/cpl 3523473 joseph,simpson chatterley,57 byrom st,wigan
L/cpl 3532682 alan booth,marsh lane,sheffield
3534727 edward clayton,43 spencer st,clayton
3534715 alfred cooper,16 bradley view,nelson
3527531 john cronshaw,272 eccles new rd,salford
3525595 albert,stanley dawson,1 wellington rd,ashton
cpl 3528806 cyril dermott,bath springs hotel,school lane,wigan
3526533 james,henry dodd,26 furlong rd,southwark
3529689 john flanagan,134 sycamore st,miles platting
L/cpl 3522539 john halliwell,4 barwick place,blackley
56921 leonard,tournai harvey,85 embankment rd,plymouth
3525825 peter harrison,31 bramwell street,st.helens
L/cpl 3532874 reuben healey,16 ambergate st,newton,manchester
3527515 felix hughes,10 nicholson court,newry,ireland
3530315 frank hughes,15 mellor st,chadderton
3529602 matthew jeffers,32 brook st,hyde
L/cpl 3534642 joseph,edward mahon,34 hope st,ardwick
3526710 george millward,42 tamworth st,hulme
L/cpl 3525959 thomas owen,96 husband st,collyhurst
3532875 henry,vincent ridgeway,36 hargreave st,hulme
3534689 john,robert robe,37 lister st manchester
bandsman 3529473 charles rogerson,28 canterbury ave,lancaster
3534665 charles,edgar soderburg,9 thursby ave,withington
L/cpl 3533802 alexander szarkow,5 cliff st,cheetham hill
3523626 cecil,gerard taylor,65 mount st,dublin
3529720 robert watson,salford
3536005 john,henry wilson,2 mount st,denton
cpl 3527020 thomas,patrick foote,24 kent st,belfast
bandsman 3528632 harry,vincent reeves,18 bold st,altrincham
3527020 james riley,6 rose bank rd,miles platting
L/sgt 3525478 james,joseph coogan,13 nook lane,ashton
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Re: manchesters on the hofuku maru
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L/cpl 3527792 john mahoney,27 bloom st,werneth.died january 2000
4613327 alfred blodwell,113 wakefield rd,stalybridge.died kirkcaldy 1995
3526013 john cunliffe,41 alice st,bradford,manchester.died 1972,not listed on roll of honour as being on the ship
cpl 3529445 james clarey,22 percival st,collyhurst,died 1975
3529123 leslie,arnold steele,11 eccles st,gorton,died 9-11-44
3527621 charles stott,clarksfield,oldham
3528022 james,henry pringle,54 bradshaw st,moss side,died 26-3-45
3527679 john,henry jones,126 lord st,hindley,wigan
captain 77678 nigel,keith evans,barrington hall,cambridge
cpl 3522358 john,frederick bennell,22 bedford st,hulme
cpl 3527680 george,h newman,35 peel st,hulme
3534743 thomas pendlebury,12 levine ave,blackpool,died 1967
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Re: manchesters on the hofuku maru
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Just came across this in another group.
3527621 Cpl Charles Stott Kneeling second from the left.

Cpl. Charles Stott of the Machester Regiment, 1 Battalion is pictured here ( second from left, kneeling) on Jan. 30, 1945. Somehow he had swum ashore, evaded capture, traversed the Zambales Mt. range to join up with a guerrilla group lead by a small cadre of Americans who had fought on Bataan, and then take part as a combatant fighting against the Japanese in the recapture of the Philippines.

Cliff P Son of 3525679 Sgt Arthur Phillips 1st Bn Manchester Regiment and RAPC

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Re: manchesters on the hofuku maru
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henry[CLAY]connor was the leader of this group,operating near the zambales mountains

the above list of manchesters on the hofuku maru is probably the complete list,captain nigel,keith evans left chungkai for japan with over 60 men

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Re: manchesters on the hofuku maru
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captain nigel,keith evans older brother major michael,patrick,ernest evans was also in the 1st battalion,he was the brigade major of 1st malay brigade,captured the same day,their father wilfred keith evans was a captain in the 2nd battalion at mons in 1914 later brigadier W.K evans,before he died,he was proud to see that his two sons had joined his old regiment

when major evans was eventually repatriated,he was in a very emanciated condition,his family would never have anything more to do with anything that was made in japan