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I was recently browsing the web and visiting towns where I have been posted with The Manchester Regiment,I came across the Schwebel Bahn,this is the overhead railway suspended from gantries for approx 14Km,it traverses the River Wupper and parts of the town of Wuppertal Elberfeld,a journey into the past,it is apparently still operating

By golly Roy,
That brought back loads of wonderful memories even if I only spent a few months there before we  moved up to Berlin.

How are the pair of you these days ? Both keeping well? We are intending to pop up to Manchester to see Alice's Sister and family, we have'nt seen for a couple of years, looking forward to a bit of family 'crack' and gossip.
We've both got around since those days as they say " serves you right as we used to say  - should never joined!!.
Take care,


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