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A Barker (Officer 2nd Bn)
« on: April 24, 2017, 10:11:47 PM »
This Officer went over to France on the 7/8/1914
with the MPSC as a Sgt/ Major service number 1339.

He was commissioned into the Manchester
Regiment on the 10/10/1914.
Reaching the rank of Major.

On the army list of 1915 it states no Bn? although he is
listed in the 1st and 2nd Bn list.
On the army lists of 1916,17,18 it still has him listed as
a Manchester Officer with no Bn
although it says Government Military Prison next to his name.

Just trying to confirm he was 2nd Bn attached?
As he is on the 1914star roll for the 2nd Bn


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Re: A Barker (Officer 2nd Bn)
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I share your irritation when the records are unclear as to which battalion an officer served.   The "British Officers taken POW" is a case in point, insofar as details of captured officers are frequently combined with other battalions of the same regiment.

In another life, I came in contact with Staff Sergeants of the Military Provost Staff Corps (socially, I hasten to say), and found them to be of frightening demeanour.   As to that displayed by a Sergeant Major in that Corps does not bear thinking about.  PhilipG. 


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Re: A Barker (Officer 2nd Bn)
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He was issued the 1914 star by the MSPC but this was scrapped
and re-issued by the 2nd Bn.

As a sixteen year old in basic training the RAF regiment
can be a frightening experience too :) :)