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Robert Bruce 5285 12th batt
« on: November 08, 2007, 10:50:09 PM »
Good evening to Chris,Roy and everybody else who provided information on my Grandfather(see posting 5th Battalion) but especially Chris thank you very much.
To show my appreciation can anybody shed light on his brother my Great Uncle after whome I am named.
His name was Robert Bruce he was a L/Corp with the 12th Manchesters his number was 5285 and he died  18/4/1917 and is buried at Etaples. I have visited his grave and it was  avery poignant moment. I would be intersetd in where he was stationed saw action etc.
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Re: 12th Battalion
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Hi rancher !  It's always nice when someone says such a lovely thank you to those who helped ! 

Have you downloaded Robert's medal index card?

Wendi  :)
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Re: 12th Battalion
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hiya rancher.
when his mum filled in the form sent by the CWGC after the war,she gave her address as 5 rae st,city rd,hulme,manchester.
in oct 1917,it was the address of pte 252701 thomas bowden,483rd home employment co.


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Re: 12th Battalion
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sdgw has him as born Hulme as well

he died of wounds btw

for the 12th, you should get this:-

The 12th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, A History
Edited by: (our very own) Robert Bonner
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