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Hi, looking for info on my Grandfather, Andrew Quinn. I think he served with the Manchester regiment, I asked him many years ago about his war service..all he said was that he was stationed in next step is trying to get hold of his records but would be interested to know why and if the regiment were in Carlisle...Thanks

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Re: Carlisle
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With all due respect - in view of your statement that "...he was stationed in Carlisle." That was also the Headquarters of The Border Regiment Based on The Castle in Carlisle with other sites including Durran Hill Camp  which. if I remember rightly, came to be the Primary Training Centre for the Regiment in WW1 and continued at such during and after WW2
The Regimental HQ and Museum is also contained at The Castle and they could possibly help you with your further enquiries.
Good luck

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Re: Carlisle
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Carlisle was the training centre for The Lancastrian Group Training Centre(LGTC)all conscripts and new regular soldiers who had opted to join a Lancashire infantry unit would undergo their basic training there,the camp staff consisted of officers,NCO's and other ranks of the eight infantry regiments that made up the Lancastrian group,those regiments being,The Kings Own,The Border regiment,The Kings Regiment,The Lancashire Fusileers,The East Lancashire Regiment,The South Lancashire Regiment,The Loyal regiment and The Manchester Regiment.
The camp was divided into two parts,Roamer Barracks was the training part,Wardrop barracks was the administration barracks,on completion of basic training and having passed out all recruits were then moved from Roamer Barracks to Wardrop Barracks from there they where posted to any of the 8 regiments of The Lancastrian Brigade