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Dear Tony,
I knew that something in respect of the photograph rang bells for me but for the life of me nothing gelled. Yes I recognised the face but until I spotted Roy's (Arty) comments today I could not think where from. Then today I had to go hunting back for a while until I found his information.
Of course - your uncle was our arms-storeman at Kroh up in the "boondocks" of Kedah near to the Thai/Siamese Border.  and a damn good one he was also May he Rest in Peace. I was Cpl of 6 Platoon at that time.
Unfortunately like my longtime old friend Roy I too now live down in Hampshire near the Solent and age and time reduce my travelling severly these days.
For reasons possibly best known to himself he never joined The Malayan Vets when we formed it up in Ashton way way back at the 'Old' Ladysmith Pub at the rear of the Town Hall, in those days mine host then being Maurice Taylor also a former Malayan man; one of the first places I started looking and also the book Jungle Bashers - but not a mention- however all is now revealed and I can stop looking for the reasons as to why my memory suddenly jarred in the first place.
Sorry that I cannot add anything further in your search..
Take care,