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Map of Manchester Hill 1918.
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This is a Map of the lay out of Manchester Hill
on the 21st March 1918.

It came via George.theshed197
Thanks to him for sharing it with the forum.


Click on the picture to make it bigger

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Re: Map of Manchester Hill 1918.
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the position marked C was a bombing block at the end of havre trench,when the germans got past this, the next defence post was another bomb block manned by col elstob and capt sharples,further behind this,was another bomb block just behind the OP bunker with a MG position a little further behind,positions 8+9 also contained MG posts with a bomb block in between,position No7 had two MGs and a bomb block with another MG nearby[near No6 post],slighly further along was MG post No5,MG posts 4,3 and 2 were in the front line in front of the OP bunker,MG No4 slightly to the left and MG No2 slightly to the right,MG No3 was in between,MG No1 was opposite battalion HQs.
CQMS Philip,edward Jenkins with his lewis gun and two men were on the eastern edge of the quarry,50yds behind battalion HQ,they concentrated on covering HQ and engaging snipers in a ruined building,sgt archer,searle hoye and his lewis gun team were covering the western edge of the quarry.

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Re: Map of Manchester Hill 1918.
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I have a copy of this excellent marked-up trenchmap but wonder whether anyone can suggest where I can obtain a copy which is unmarked?