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I have just looked at your prisoner of war data base and discovered my grandfather listed there.He is no.534 on your list,Walter Taylor of 19 Booth St, Hulme.That is indeed him but to my knowledge he was killed in action on 1/7/1916 and is buried in Dantzig Alley.Incidentally his service 26200 and he was with the 20th Bn. Can you help?
Cheers Babs.


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Re: P.O.W.??
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Hi Babs

On the POW data base it say's William Taylor is it possible that Walter had a brother ???

This is the entery on CWGC site, for Walter Taylor.
Name:   TAYLOR
Initials:   W
Nationality:   United Kingdom
Rank:   Private
Regiment/Service:   Manchester Regiment
Unit Text:   20th Bn.
Date of Death:   01/07/1916
Service No:   26200
Casualty Type:   Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference:   II. I. 4.

Also the history of the cemetery.


Historical Information:   The village of Mametz was carried by the 7th Division on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, after very hard fighting at Dantzig Alley (a German trench) and other points. The cemetery was begun later in the same month and was used by field ambulances and fighting units until the following November. The ground was lost during the great German advance in March 1918 but regained in August, and a few graves were added to the cemetery in August and September 1918. At the Armistice, the cemetery consisted of 183 graves, now in Plot I, but it was then very greatly increased by graves (almost all of 1916) brought in from certain smaller burial grounds* and from the battlefields north and east of Mametz. Dantzig Alley British Cemetery now contains 2,053 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 518 of the burials are unidentified but there are special memorials to 17 casualties known or believed to be buried among them. Other special memorials record the names of 71 casualties buried in other cemeteries, whose graves were destroyed by shell fire. The cemetery was designed by Sir Herbert Baker.
 * AEROPLANE CEMETERY, FRICOURT, on the old German front line to the south of Fricourt village.
It contained the graves of 24 N.C.Os. and men of the 20th Manchesters who died on 1 July 1916.

BOTTOM WOOD CEMETERY, FRICOURT, on the south edge of a small wood between Mametz and Fricourt Woods. This was a field ambulance station for some months from July 1916, and the cemetery contained 104 graves. BULGAR ALLEY CEMETERY, MAMETZ, 230 metres east of the village, named from a trench. It contained the graves of 24 soldiers who died on 1 July 1916, and all but one of whom belonged to the 22nd Manchesters. HARE LANE CEMETERY, FRICOURT, at the north-west corner of the village, named from a trench. It contained the graves of 54 soldiers who died on 1 and 2 July 1916, and of whom 49 belonged to the 10th West Yorks. MAMETZ GERMAN CEMETERY, in which 12 soldiers were buried by their comrades in July and August 1916. This cemetery was near the crossing of the Fricourt-Maricourt and Mametz-Bray roads. MANSEL COPSE CEMETERY, MAMETZ, on the Fricourt-Maricourt road, near the present Devonshire Cemetery: and MANSEL COPSE WEST CEMETERY, MAMETZ, 460 metres further west. These contained the graves of 51 men of the 2nd Border Regiment, who died on 1 July 1916. MONTAUBAN ROAD CEMETERY, CARNOY, which contained the graves of 25 soldiers (almost all of the 18th Division) who died on 1 July 1916. VERNON STREET CEMETERY, CARNOY, in the valley between Carnoy and Maricourt, at a place called "Squeak Forward Position". 110 soldiers who died in July-October 1916 were buried here by the 21st Infantry Brigade and other units.
No. of Identified Casualties:   1535

I've underlined the ref to the 20thBn.

Someone will be along who will be able to tell you why William's on the POW data base.

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Re: P.O.W.??
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hiya babs
534 walter taylor was taken POW,i think hes your great grandfather.
26200 w.taylor [william]was KIA on 1-7-16
i think 25865 walter taylor was your grandfather,he was in the 3rd cheshire regt [C.1918]
they all lived at 19 booth st,hulme.



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Re: P.O.W.??
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Sorry Guys! 
I meant William (not Walter) is listed on your data base as being a P.O.W.....However, you have BLOWN ME AWAY!!
Thanks in SPADES for the info. Walter was William's brother and although I have looked for him I didn't even know if he had joined up,so to find out his regiment and service no. is the biggest bonus ever. Looking for "Taylor's" is akin to looking for needles in haystacks, so you have probably cut down my plodding by eons!
Actually Mack you helped me on the Salford forum(which is how I discovered the Manchester Regiment site)with William and Walter's brother James, who was also a P.O.W. in Doeberitz, he was with the Kings Own Royal Regiment Lancaster(?) There were also brothers Frederick and Richard--don't suppose there's a chance your'e going to make my day?????????
 cheers and many many thanks,

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Re: P.O.W.??
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There were also brothers Frederick and Richard--don't suppose there's a chance your'e going to make my day?????????
 cheers and many many thanks,

try posting them separately in the 'other regiments section, no guarantees though!
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