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no peace. 16th manchesters
« on: November 10, 2009, 08:25:40 AM »
for two soldiers of the 16th manchesters there was no chance of enjoying the peace that they fought long and hard for
reg pickering enlisted on 28th aug 1914,at the age of 20,he worked as a laboratory assistant at brunner mond in northwich,he was placed in A.coy III platoon as a scout and sniper,he arrived in france on 8-11-15 along with the rest of his battalion,on 5th may 1916,his brother horace was killed by shell fire along with two other men,horace had enlisted at the same time,and joined the same platoon.
he was invalided home on 20-3-16 suffering from shell shock,he was discharged from the army as physically unfit,on 24-10-16,he died at st.marys hospital,paddington in 1922,of peritonitis of the kidneys.

pte 6419 reginald pickering
pte 6418 horace pickering
sons of samuel,of horace dene,the avenue,winnington.

L/cpl george smith pollitt enlisted on 2nd sept 1914 aged 21 and joined B.coy,he was employed as a salesman in manchester,he went to france on 8-11-15,he was invalided home on 28-7-16 and admitted to the 2nd western general hospital manchester,he was finally discharged to the army reserve,on 19-2-19.
he died of heart disease on 24th august 1923 at ellingham,norfolk,he was only 30yrs old

L/cpl 6543 george smith pollitt
son of samuel+annie,"fernlea"russell st,eccles


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Re: no peace. 16th manchesters
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Pickering, Reginald of Sunnyside, 6 Keys Road, Cricklewood, Middlesex died 24 Oct 1922 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, Middlesex. Administration London 21 November to Samuel Pickering chemical foreman.
Effects £151 15s 4d

Pickering, Horace of The Avenue, Winnington, near Northwich, Cheshire died 5 May 1916 in France. Administration London 27 July to Clara Pickering widow.
Effects £125


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Re: no peace. 16th manchesters
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Pollitt, George Smith of Fern Lea, Russell Street, Eccles, Lancashire died 24 Aug 1923 at Ellingham, Norfolk. Administration Manchester 8 September to Samuel Pollitt commercial traveller.
Effects £320

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Re: no peace. 16th manchesters
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Reg Pickering is mentioned in Reel 4 of Bert Payne's IWM interview.  This confirms Reg was a scientist from Brunner Mond in Northwich.  He was also blown out of a Scout's Observation Point, as reported by Capt Worthington and recovered from the wire by Bert that night.  "He was dead of of the unfortunate ones."  Bert describes Reg as a Cpl (possibly Acting).

I think Bert was referring to the death of Horace who was a L/Cpl.  Reg survived hostilities. Earlier in the interview Bert mentions three 'scientists' from Brunner Mond training with him as Scouts and Snipers.  He also mentions that Reg was a tenor singer who entertained the Battalion at concerts.
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